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Most people think that because I write books that I must be reading books all the time. Not true. On one hand, you have to always be reading. It refills the tank, stimulates ideas and inspires. It’s important. The only problem is it can be intrusive to your own work. So when I am writing I am usually reading sparingly. I am lucky in that I get sent a lot of books to read. I look them over and put the one I want to read to the side for later. That is, if I can wait. Sometimes I can’t wait to jump on a book as soon as I pick it up at the store or it comes in the mail.
Michael Connelly on reading writing. Learn what he read after he finished writing The Black Box today on

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How Michael Connelly spent his summer vacation: throwing the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game!

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I think more and more as I get older, I’m a lot less scared of serial killers and terrorists than I am of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of something happening as I am going about my day. Of taking the wrong turn or going into the wrong postal code. And for me there is drama in everyday life and I think the best way of getting to know your characters is to see them going about that daily life and see what happens to them when that goes off-kilter and or some event pushes them out of that routine.